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What Clients Say

Rona was great. She was on time and very thorough. She was able to fit a lot of instruction and information in to an hour. With the suggestions she made and the tools she gave us, I can already see great improvement in our dogs behaviors.

Jennifer B. on May 23, 2015


She gave me good tips and training techniques to help my puppy. We saw improvement right away!

Lauren M. on May 10, 2015


Rona was amazing and answered all my questions. A lot of help and guidance with my dog, who as I work with her, will get better to handle. Would recommend Rona to anyone who needs some help with their dog!

J.R. T. on May 10, 2015


Rona was really available and was such a calming presence to both of our dogs. She gave us tons of advice and simple strategies to use with our pups, on every issue from jumping to barking to hiding and aggression. Would highly recommend her!

Kim N. on May 5, 2015


The best hour class ever!! My 4 month old chiweenie is already not jumping, biting and is much calmer and it has not even been 24 hours. Rona gave me tools that are so easy to implement and I am totally excited to use with my sweet puppy! I am very satisfied with my decision too use Good Dog Training!

Jill D. on April 27, 2015


Our puppy is deaf, and I didn't know where to start. After getting a little frustrated trying to train her, Rona found us. She taught us some really great ways to begin training our dog, helped us understand why she does certain behaviors, and was very patient (with our dog and with us!) She's great, and I look forward to hiring her again for our level 2 training.

Ginny T. on April 26, 2015


We recently had a session with Rona and she was amazing :)
Our dog Stella immediately started reacting to the training queues she was providing. We are now working on consistency in the home and will schedule a follow up with Rona as needed. She did not push for us to spend more $ on unnecessary training and is very available for follow up questions. I would recommend Rona to anyone who needs some help with behavior correction with their pups.

Mia C. on February 9, 2015

We thoroughly enjoyed our hour session in our home with Rona and so did our new addition, "Rosco." During her visit, Rona gave us the tools to impart several basic commands. She arrived promptly, was extremely positive, and obviously very knowledgeable. Will use her again for more advanced issues.

Cue B. on April 26, 2015


Rona is amazing! Very professional and knowledgeable! She is not only excellent as a trainer, but is very personable and friendly! We highly recommend her.

Maria D. on April 8, 2015


Rona was so knowledgable and kind! She taught us so much about our pup in just an hour. He can be timid and fearful and will growl or bark at strangers or other dogs. She taught us how to boost his confidence and let him know he's safe! I'd definitely recommend her!

Kaitlyn C. on March 23, 2015


I was eager to get started! Rona is a nice, easy going, well informed and knew all that she was doing. During the training I already noticed the good changes in Buster and afterwards he was calm/at ease. I went to the beach and he did so well! I thank her so much :D

Courtney G. on March 19, 2015


We have one dog and we got a new dog who is 2 years old. Our new dog was VERY excited all the time and would bark and chase our cat (to the point that we were worried we might not be able to keep him). He didn't want to hurt the cat, but he was interested in her and she was terrified. Rona came over and has helped both our dogs not to bark when the door bell rings, and our new dog now leaves our cat alone. It's only been a single day since she left and although our dogs are not 'cured' they are easily 85% better and as we continue to keep using the skills she taught us, I can safely safe our dogs will be the best behaved on the block and our cat can come out of hiding and be around us again soon! We only met with Rona one time but we might meet with her a second time in a few weeks if we need to reinforce some skills or if we decide to work on new skills with the dogs. Rona is also available to text if we have any quick questions. She is worth every penny and we will highly recommend her to everyone we know and meet!

Nina O. on February 22, 2015



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