About Good Dog Training

Our goal is to help you get the training you need as conveniently and affordably as possible. Training takes place in your home, so we can make a plan and give you games and exercises that fit your real life. We cover a lot in a 1-hour lesson so you have a lot to work with. Many clients find that one lesson is all they need to solve the problems they have with their dog.

A Positive Approach Brings Positive Results

We focus on positive reinforcement training. Proper use of treats, or other types of rewards, gets your dog to think about what it did to earn that reward and try to repeat the good behaviors. When applied properly within the structure of training, you get lasting results. Your dog will have true obedience, not just some clever tricks when a treat is present.


We also know that each dog is an individual, and different techniques work better for any given dog. So we combine positive reinforcement with pressure/release techniques and other gentle methods to get the best results with your dog and give you a training plan you can easily implement. My approach will make training fun for you and your dog!


The Mission


Too many dogs are relegated to back yards or end up in shelters because of behavior problems that can be easily fixed with a little training. We believe that training should be affordable so that everyone can get the help they need. Even if you would never surrender your dog to a shelter, there's no reason to live with bad behaviors that get in the way of you enjoying your dog and making him a happy member of your family.


Good Dog Training aims to cover as much as we can in a 1-hour lesson that's tailored to you and your dog. We want to give you a lot to work with so you can see real results without spending a lot of money. We never make you sign up for multiple lessons or try to sell you on fancy equipment. If one lesson can give you everything you need...Great! If you need more lessons to help you with your skills or take your dog to the next level...Great! We're here to work with you however you need it.